Lake Life


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I happen to live near Lake Murray, a beautiful man-made body of water than encompasses an adventurous and natural spirit within our small community. We also happen to belong to Lake Murray Elementary school - the Mariners.  The two inspired this soap. Our love for "Lake Murray" is demonstrated through the clean scent, rich and vibrant colors and the calming effect it can have on you.  This limited edition soap is a blend of lemon zest, woods, lotus petals, mist, lily and marine essence.  Get it while you can!!  This is what spring is like to me - as the sun warms the earth and lake becomes alive again after a quiet winter.  As always, paraben, phthalate and tree nut oil free recipe. 

- Hand-cut with love: approx. 5 oz.

- Natural Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive, coconut, palm (sustainably sourced) and castor; distilled water, lye (sodium hydroxide), fragrance, natural cobalt and emerald micas. 

- Directions: Lather, wash & rinse. Enjoy!!


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