DE Soap Dish


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Diatomaceous Earth* (DE) is a highly absorbent, quick-drying all-natural material made from fossilized marine plants. It is extremely effective at wicking water away and extending the life of your bar soap by keeping it dry between uses.

  • Anti-bacterial and eco-friendly!
  • Size: 4"X4"X0.5"     
  • Fits all shapes and sizes of our bar soap

INGREDIENTS: 100% pure milled Diatomaceous Earth

DIRECTIONS: Rinse the soap dish thoroughly before your first use and between bars to remove any dust and maximize wicking before placing the dish in your shower.

*Fun Fact... Millions of years ago in the Earth’s oceans, microscopic single-celled plants called Diatoms absorbed minerals from the water to create their protective shells. When they died, they drifted to the ocean floor to eventually create a layer of sediment. Now dry land, these Diatomaceous Earth deposits are harvested, milled, and ground into a talc-like powder, before being molded to create this product. I

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